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KTV Group

The KTV Group was founded in Norway by its founder Kennet Nilsen in 1992. The company has established expertise in maintenance for the oil, gas and properties sectors. The KTV Group is active in many places around the world. We offer our services worldwide.

KTV Group offers maintenance contracts that extend over 20 years. The secret behind the companyes ability to offer 20 years of maintenance agreements, is in the BlueTag quality system. The system has been developed with KTV Group since 2009 and is a quantum leap ahead of everyone else.

The built up real time documentation in these agreements, is a big value that our customers receives at no charge. Everything is available via the internet. This causes customers to save a lot of management time.

Our R&D department has already invented a great deal of robotic technology and we continue to create products and services in demand on the market. This process will never stop, because we come up with ideas that others dare not even imagine.

We have a dream:

The KTV Group will be known as the company that introduced maintenance agreements to world in which all service professions will use the same principles. This will change society dramatically and provide safety and security for society as a whole. As everyone knows, buildings, properties, ships, rigs and many other structures, even people, need regular maintenance over time!

Our slogan and core values

Our slogan is «Quality on time». These words represent the core values at KTV Group AS.
In other words, Quality delivered at the agreed time. The KTV Group shall always deliver excellent quality at the agreed time.

Honesty and visibility

At the KTV Group, we believe in honesty and visibility in everything we do. Our goal is to keep long-term customers satisfied for generations. This goal is incorporated in our long-term agreements based on the world’s best documentation system BlueTag. Openness and honesty, that is how we want our customers to relate to us. We want to earn your trust.

Our products and services are also being developed to protect the natural environment. We try to provide our customers, suppliers and employees with a sense of security.

We are working constantly on continuing education and competence enhancement for our personnel, and we put a lot of effort in promoting our Yes mentality.

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