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Construction cleaning NS-INSTA 800

KTV Group keeps building clean of dust, water and waste during construction. Our methods ensure the quality of work performed and high efficiency.
Our documentation system are documenting daily all work performed and events that occur. The customer has access to daily reports and images during the projects. In this way the customer can detect breaches from the performing subcontractors, and easier get back part of the cost, or use information to improve the workers performance.

We have all the necessary equipment to perform construction cleaning, dust-free vacuum cleaners, bag systems and cleaners that perform the right way. You’ll quickly see the difference where we have the responsibility of the daily construction cleaning.

We perform cleaning according to NS-INSTA 800 standard, during construction of new buildings and/or during renovation or maintenance work. NS-INSTA 800 ensures quality during construction and provides a safe working environment. Under embodiment different cleaning techniques are performed in relation to the customers activities and purity requirements of customer.

KTV Group also do complete washdowns in conjunction with handover. We have great expertise in heavy and big washdown projects, and we understand the time pressure upon handover, We also offer facade cleaning, waste handling, ventilation cleaning services and a variety of other services included in the final cleaning.

Again we have to point out our documentation system, where everyone who works and their performance are documented in detailed job reports and images. The operators on site, log information daily. All workers punch in and out via their smart phone, and deviations are captured together with their location on GPS tracker.

KTV Group is also the only vendor that can provide customers fixed price of construction cleaning during work, including the final cleaning. This is predictably for our customers economic, and a safe and secure manner to ensure the quality process.

We deliver this service through our maintenance agreement Construction Cleaning


Construction cleaning NS-INSTA 800


Daily cleaning

Robot cleaning

High pressure cleaning

 Sludge suction

Maintenance agreements

Pipe inspection/flushing

Daily cleaning

KTV Group also offers daily and/or weekly cleaning, but we differ from most other providers with our methods. We offer daily cleaning with robots. This service does not fit for all places, but businesses can save a lot of money using the method. This increases the quality of cleaning significantly, where dust is reason number one to poor indoor air quality and ventilation problems.

Our methods keeps dust away every day, and the customer can therefor delay the actual washing of floors. Less dust gets stuck to the floor during washing and the premises are perceived as clean all the time. When you get control of the dust on the floor, you can also delay the normalt ventilation cleaning interval, and you provide a much better in house climate.

And perhaps the best; The robots work at night, without any hindrance to daily operations.

Wash with soap and water

KTV Group also offers washing with soap and water. For us, the environment is important and this is why we use organic detergents.
This department’s focus is to wash really clean.  In recent years, the cleaning industry has been undergoing major price pressures, which has led to the degradation of multiple vendors. We still deliver quality.

KTV Group always ensures that the job is done properly. This in order to achieve the quality that the customers wants.

We also offer maintenance agreements where we offer clean buildings for a longer periode of time. The long term maintenance agreements gives us the opportunity to invest and adapt methods and equipment, according to the customers buildings and premises. The customer can save money, and the quality is increased.



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