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Kennet Nilsen

Kennet Nilsen from Askøy, nursed a dream of being self- employed for years. In 1992 he set up a high pressure cleaning business and worked around the clock. As a young entrepreneur he had to handle all the roles a one-man business implies.

Nilsen specialized in professional cleaning within offshore, industry and property, and as business grew, he employed more and more people. The KTV Group is now a highly regarded business within its markets, and Nilsen acts as CEO and within business development. He describes himself as a visionary type, stimulated by challenge and innovation more than money and glamour.

KTV Group has had some attractive offers, but Nilsen still thinks that developing the business is even more attractive. – They say that everything has a price, but I don’t agree. The most important thing is a meaningful life, and I’m not put on this earth to move money around, play the stock market or shop for things I don’t need. In common with many others, I like to get up in the morning and do an interesting job. Nothing beats the feeling of having satisfied customers, says Nilsen.

KTV Group has defined a set of values which are inclusive, and encourage social engagement. – We have a definite YES mentality in the company, which is demonstrated at all levels of the business, adds Nilsen.


KTV Group has built a brand platform focusing on high visibility in its chosen fields, and has a long-term plan for setting up new hubs nationally and internationally.

Phase 1
A presence at key locations in Norway and the supply of nationwide services, competing for tenders at national level.

Phase 2
Setting up in countries outside Norway, especially in oil-rich regions.

Phase 3
Global presence to create opportunities for international contracts.

Phase 4
Growth in the different countries we have a presence to compete for national contracts.


The range of services offered by the KTV Group are interrelated – but can also be provided separately. The various member companies have all necessary approvals and certifications.

  • Tank cleaning
  • Tank inspection/approval
  • Facade cleaning
  • Maintenance agreements
  • Surface treatment
  • Gas monitoring/AQ Monitor
  • Rope access techniques
  • High pressure cleaning
  • Ventilation/Duct inspection and cleaning
  • Pipe flushing/inspection
  • Waste management & special waste
  • Consultancy services & project management


Documentation requirements have grown in every industry – particularly within oil and gas. BlueTag breaks down the amount of documentation whilst ensuring that you meet all requirements.

Innovation created by BlueTag – a troubleshooter for companies all over the world.

We believe that BlueTag can make the world a better place by making life easier for the people running companies and providing services, giving them more time to make great products and provide top services – something to the benefit of us all in the long run.

BlueTag – a subsidiary of KTV Group

BlueTag AS is a subsidiary, which has developed an business management system specifically for KTV Group. It streamlines the group’s  administration significantly.

Documentation supplied via the system covers customers, employees and the company in situations where required, and also includes handling of official documents.

BlueTag is an ERP business system based on real-time documentation. BlueTag gives your company a quality management system that meets the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

The main thing about BlueTag is that it cuts down the time you spend on documentation. This is unique to BlueTag, saving administration work and in fact reducing time spent on documentation and administration.

Real-time documentation

Users and external personnel can update using reports, images and video clips every day. No delays. Communication with suppliers and customers in real-time.

HSE/Quality Management

Using BlueTag means that you automatically meet the requirements for and can document quality management to customers and users, plus manage HSE within the company.

Total financial control

BlueTag provides full overview of the accounts, with profit/loss statements and balance sheet updated 100% every day. It also provides projected income and outgoings automatically.

ISO standard

Fulfil ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 easily by entering data into the system.

Personnel management

Personnel can always access details of pay/hours/non-conformities, and the administration department has a tool for personnel management.

Communications and integration

BlueTag offers exciting integration and communicates with private and public sector systems. Users can also be provided with customised solutions. .

Research & Development

KTV Group has a special section for innovation and business development, to identify and plug gaps in the market.

Many good ideas are never commercialised, but we register and listen to input and suggestions which can contribute to innovation intended to improve and streamline processes.

KTV Group focuses on development. We are constantly analyzing the market and looking for great input and inspiration from around the world.

We lead the world in development within our industry, with a focus on quality, environment and health. Our management team takes part in the development, and we all consider it the most important step in winning new customers and market areas.

We collaborate extensively with our partners locally and abroad, and our suppliers.

Click here to see more R & D projects

Facade cleaning with drones

KTV Group has started developing a purpose-built drone to be used for washing of facades and roofs. A drone that is to be used for the tall buildings and high-rises.

We see that the development of drones has caught a tremendous pace, and the equipment and technology that is already on the market, is enabling this idea now.

The result will be cheaper prices for customers, and it will solve facade cleaning tasks without the use of scaffolding, platforms or façade climbers. The solution is also very HSE friendly.

KTV Group Self Cleaner

In 2013 KTV Group started development where the goal was to find a new method for cleaning facades without using high pressure.

Already in 2014 we started testing, and in early 2015 KTV Group method Self Cleaner was ready. Since then, over 500,000 m2 facade has been washed with this method, with very satisfying results.

No use of high pressure and the same strain on the surface as normal rain. The best thing is that it in many cases actually gave a better result than normal high pressure washer.

The method is now being used as a permanent method for cleaning facades.

Maintenance agreements with duration of 5-20 years

In 2009 KTV Group started development of an entirely new type of maintenance agreements. A maintenance agreement that would have duration of 5-20 years.

The intention of the agreements was simply: up in quality and down in price for the customers. Already at the end of 2009, the concept was clear, and the first agreements was ready.

The first agreements started with only exterior/facade cleaning, but was later expanded to include all of the maintenance of larger buildings or tank farms/equipment.

KTV Group now have over 500,000 m2 surface in long-term contracts up to 20 years and is a pioneer in technology. The method is unique in the world.

Be a part of the KTV Group

Partners can use KTV Group brand name, including references. New partners use KTV Group as their own brand name, which means they also benefit from access to the same systems the group itself uses.

• BlueTag software

• New website with news page and Facebook profile

• Access to the entire database

• Savings on accounts and administration

How to become a partner, and what does it costs for partners?

KTV Group aims to increase the value of any company we invest in by minimum 200%.

The model is the same for existing companies and newly founded companies.

To become a partner of KTV Group you must give up 34% of the shares of the existing or newly created company.

We recognize the value of building up the company with the addition of our brand, systems and services.

Cost-sharing for all partners where savings can be made, e.g. for administrative staff, controls,

management functions etc. All partners take part in the decision-making process before allocation of costs. The aim is to save costs charged to the customer.

The cost for a BlueTag license is usually NOK 500 per employee. The cost for partners is NOK 400 per employee, and is recoverable within the first three months.

Partners are required to comply with our strict rules and guidelines for brand management/profiling.

Benefits for shareholders/owners

Any company suffers when key personnel leave, due to the loss of valuable skills and experience. Our business management system BlueTag solves this problem efficiently. The same applies to employees who are not performing well, or jobs which fail to make a profit.

BlueTag gives the partner full control, and the means to anticipate problems. It provides support functions for the following administrative processes:

• Sales

• Accounting

• Switchboard

• Personnel manager

• Staffing


We are very proud of our many references. We have had a lot of customers for the last 25 years, and there are simply to many to mention in a listing like this.

We have selected a few of our customers and projects within the offshore, industry and property business fields. Please contact us for more info if needed.

A selection of our customers
industry, oil and gas

Samsung Heavy Industries
Kaefer Energy AS
Dolphin drilling AS
Oceaneering AS
Transocean offshore
Vard group
Axess AS
Cabot Specialty Fluids
IST Marine AS
Maritime Consultants
OneSubsea Processing AS
Pipetech International
Vaagebulk II KS
Halsnøy Dokk
Bergenhus Shipping Services AS
Petroleum GEO Services
West Coast Invest AS
Nomaco Services AS
Odfjell Drilling Technology AS
Stavanger Engineering
Norsk Gjenvinning/Veolia
Wilhelmsen Technical solution
AF Gruppen
Scomi Oiltools
Bergen Group
Coast Senter Base (CCB)
Safeport AS
Semco Maritime
JM Norge AS
Vitek AS
DVS Norge AS
Tiller Vimek AS
Bergen Agent
Sotra Fiskeindustrier
Frydenbø Eiendomsdrift
Askøy Bygg & Betong
Brødrene Steine AS
Lerøy Vest
Finnmark Gjenvinning
Askøy Kommune
Bergen Kommune

A selection of projects
industry, oil and gas

Mariner (Statoil, build in South Korea)
Scarabeo 5
Scarabeo 8
Island Innovator
BP Skarv
Deepsea Bergen
Deepsea Atlantic
Bredford Dolphin
Borgland Dolphin
Bideford Dolphin
Songa Dee
Songa Trym
Songa Delta
Transocean Winner
Transocean Artic
Transocean Searcher
Transocean Leader
Safe Regalia
Safe Scandinavia
COSL Rival
Floatel Superior
West Venture
Seadrill West Phoenix
Stena Don
T/B Boxer
Northern Commander
Energy Insula
Mou Island Wellserver
Solvik Supplier
Havila Mars
Havila Flavour
Havila Crusader
Havila Foresight
Havila Venus
Far Saranade
Far Star
Far Sagaris
Far Saracen
Olympic Poseidon
Olympic Promotor
Stril Herkules
Stril Odin
Stril Hercules
Stril Borg
Troms Castor
Troms Pollux
Normand Reach
Normand Flipper
Normand Skipper
Normand Carrier
Normand Skarven
Normand Eurora
Normand Ferking
Skandi Admiral
Skandi Flora
Skandi Stolmen
Skandi Møgster
Skandi Flora
Polar Pioner
North Traveller
Siem Symphony
Siem Pearl
Edda Frigg
Dina Supplier
Maria Soltin
Ocean Vanguard
Ocean King
Bourbon Orca,
Bourbon Surf
Bourbon Topaz
Maersk Leader
Maersk Lancer
Island Frontier
Island Vanguard
Viking Energy
Loke Viking
Rem Provider
Rem Spirit
Rem Fortune
Rem Mist
Rem Star
Sical Torino
Christian Radich
Kystvakten Harstad
Kystvakten Nornen
Hurtigruten Nordlys
Johan hjort
MS Tove
Troms Lyra
M/V Tertnes
Navion Scandia
KL Brisfjord
Eide Baffen
Annelise Theresa
Birthe Theresa

A selection of customers

Løvåsen Borettslag
Toppe Borettslag
Frydenbø Eiendom
Sameie Rieber Mohn vei
Jægers Brygge
Sameie Sandviksveien
Sameiet Nordnesbakken
Åsedalen Borettslag
Boligsameiet Røysvegen
Kyrresborg borettslag
Christineborg Borettslag
Sameiet Wolfsgate 12
Ulsmåg Borettslag
Rosenkilde Borettslag
Skjold Borettslag
Åstvedtvågen Borettslag
Varden Terrasse
Sameiet Sælen Terrasse
Strimmelen Borettslag
Sameiet Sandviken Brygge
Øvre Våkleivåsen Borettslag
Natlandsveien Borettslag
Sandviksboder 1
Cabot Corp – Tankfarm CCB Ågotnes
Lerkerinden Sameie
Nyegården Borettslag
Soria Moria Terrasse
Boligsameie Riber Mohnsvei
Løvåshagen Borettslag
Strandgaten 198
Sandviken Brygge
Jægers Brygge Breiviken
Amalie Skramsvei borettslag
Austevoll Kraftlag
Rema 1000 Askøy
Rick`s bygget
Fantoft Studentby
Skanska Norge AS
JM Norge
Frydenbø Eiendom 1 AS
Amfi Drift AS
Bergen Kommune
Hordaland Fylkeskommune
Yara Norge
Helse Vest – HS
UIB – Universitetet i Bergen
Compower Eiendom
DNS – Den Nationale Scene
Bergens Tidende
Clarion Hotel Flesland
Bergen Fengsel
Vestlund borettslag
Lyderhorn Borettslag
Bohus Nordås
Sartor Senter
Sameiet Sandviksveien 94
IKEA (Elementrengjøring nye bygget Åsane)
Lerøy Vest
Bergen Arkitektskole
Stiftelsen Bymuseet i Bergen
Aberdeen Eiendomsfond Norge AS
Hartveit Eiendom
Kokstadveien Næringseiendom AS
Spectrum – Amundsen Eiendom
Norscrap West

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