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Pipe flushing, cleaning and inspection

The KTV Group has the technology and equipment available to deal with all pipe dimensions. We have developed special robots that can work in the largest pipe dimensions, above or under water, at great distances stretching many kilometers.

We do cleaning, surface treatment, inspections and pipe lining/renewal.

Our R&D department works to create ways to clean water tunnels for drinking water that are 5 meters wide and up to 7 km long

The KTV Group is also the only operators on the market that can offer maintenance agreements on pipes for which we take responsibility for the pipes for as many as 50 years into the future. We offer all this at a predictable annual cost, and the responsibility for execution and external influences rests on KTV’s shoulders.

Our special quality control system allows customers to monitor the project from their own weblink in our project management website, in which all documentation on a project can be found.

We ask our workers to submit a report at the end of each workday with images/video, providing our customers with a unique documentation base.




Pipe lining and renewal

Pipe lining and renewal is an acknowledged method that is often more affordable than replacing pipes. The manufacturer of this technology offers a 50-year guarantee on the completed lining.

Every pipe has an expiration date, so it is important to stay one step ahead of problems and be able to plan renewal. Waiting too long will lead to more damage and higher costs, and it is important to remember that insurance does not always cover damages if maintenance was lacking. The KTV Group collaborates with a number of suppliers to cover the offshore, industrial and property markets. All pipes can be lined/renovated, no matter how big or small.



The KTV Group delivers all-encompassing documentation with videos prior to and following cleaning, and after any lining is completed. All the documentation such as reports, images and videos area made available to the customer from their own tailor-made weblink/webpage. The KTV Group is the only ISO certified supplier that can offer this type of all-encompassing documentation package. Documentation is available on our BlueTag Software, based on requirements found in ISO 9001, 18001 and 14001.

Pipe flushing

The KTV Group uses the best equipment on the market to flush, clean and inspect pipes of all types and sizes. We own a number of mobile cleaning units capable of flushing with hot and cold water, at pressures from 300 to 800 bar. We also do inspections, using robots, and we provide quality assurance at all levels of our work that includes videos and images. Our pipe department has extensive experience with blocked pipes of all sizes. We also have our own specialized equipment for unfreezing water/drain pipes. Aqua milling is also one of the technologies we use. It has proven to be quite effective removing scale accumulations.

Pipe inspection

The KTV Group owns equipment to inspect any kind of pipe; we also have equipment to find/locate pipes hidden underground.


We offer the following services:

– General inspections
– Accurately locating ruptures in pipes.
– Video documentation (recordings)
– We can record up to 66 meter of pipe
– Suitable for pipes a small as 5 inche

Combined flushing/vacuum vehicles

With a little help from vacuum vehicles equipped with the best equipment for pipe flushing, we are also capable of flushing two pipes of different pressure classes and water volumes at the same time. The vehicles are specially designed and built to work at housing cooperatives, apartment blocks and to carry out municipal functions.




A selection of our customers

  • Statoil
  • Odfjell
  • Songa
  • Halliburton
  • Transocean
  • Dophin Drilling
  • Oceaneering
  • Saipem
  • Coast Center Base
  • Bergen Group
  • Yara
  • Wilhelmsen
  • Framo
  • Beerenberg
  • OneSubSea
  • Solid
  • Kaefer
  • Franzefoss


A selection of our customers

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Dolphin drilling AS
Oceaneering AS
Transocean offshore
Vard group
Axess AS
Cabot Specialty Fluids
IST Marine AS
Maritime Consultants
OneSubsea Processing AS
Pipetech International
Vaagebulk II KS
Bergenhus Shipping Services AS
Petroleum GEO Services
West Coast Invest AS
Nomaco Services AS
Odfjell Drilling Technology AS
Stavanger Engineering
Norsk Gjenvinning/Veolia
Wilhelmsen Technical solution
AF Gruppen
Scomi Oiltools
Bergen Group
Coast Senter Base (CCB)
Safeport AS
Semco Maritime
JM Norge AS
Vitek AS
DVS Norge AS
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Bergen Agent
Sotra Fiskeindustrier
Frydenbø Eiendomsdrift
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Finnmark Gjenvinning
Askøy Kommune
Bergen Kommune

A selection of our projects

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Ocean Vanguard
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