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Project planning and project management

The KTV Group has participated in the development of BlueTag Software Since 2009. We now own the best tool on the market for project management, deviation management and quality control.

BlueTag allows us to build necessary and important trust between customer and supplier, which is quite unique in our trade. This quality assurance system allows our customers to sign maintenance agreements that can last up to 20 years.

One unique aspect of the software is its capability of archiving all documentation in one place. The software has artificial intelligence of sorts, which can discover discrepancies in economic, time and safety factors as soon as these occur, making it possible to correct potential problems before damage can occur.

One of the most important aspects of the software is how it registers everyone participating on a job and allows them to interact, so if something goes wrong the system will always be able to contact the person/leader in charge.

When incidents arise the system can be used to make corrections.

You get everything on one page: Time schedules/records, incoming and outgoing invoices, job reports, deviations, costs, documents, procedures, descriptions etc.

Everything is managed in the BlueTag system, making it possible for the managers and leaders to limit administrative tasks and focus on practical tasks. This software can lead to major savings on any project.



A selection of our customers

  • yit
  • Yara
  • skanska
  • bergenkommune
  • jm
  • obas
  • helsevest
  • amfi
  • frydenbo

A selection of our references

• Løvåsen Borettslag
• Toppe Borettslag
• Frydenbø Eiendom
• Sameie Rieber Mohn vei
• Jægers Brygge
• Sameie Sandviksveien
• Sameiet Nordnesbakken
• Åsedalen Borettslag
• Boligsameiet Røysvegen
• Kyrresborg borettslag
• Christineborg Borettslag
• Sameiet Wolfsgate 12
• Ulsmåg Borettslag
• Rosenkilde Borettslag
• Skjold Borettslag
• Åstvedtvågen Borettslag
• Varden Terrasse
• Sameiet Sælen Terrasse
• Strimmelen Borettslag
• Sameiet Sandviken Brygge
• Sponviken Borettslag
• Øvre Våkleivåsen Borettslag
• Natlandsveien Borettslag
• Sandviksboder 1
• Cabot Corp – Tankfarm CCB Ågotnes
• Kalfarparken
• Lerkerinden Sameie
• Nyegården Borettslag
• Soria Moria Terrasse
• Boligsameie Riber Mohnsvei
• Løvåshagen Borettslag

• Skanska Norge AS
• OBAS Vest AS
• JM Norge
• Frydenbø Eiendom 1 AS
• Amfi Drift AS
• DNS – Den Nationale Scene
• Bergens Tidende
• Clarion Hotel Flesland
• Havnekontoret
• Bergen Fengsel
• Bybanen
• Fløybanen
• Biltema
• Vestlund borettslag
• Lyderhorn Borettslag
• Bohus Nordås
• Sartor Senter
• Sameiet Sandviksveien 94
• IKEA (Elementrengjøring nye bygget Åsane)
• Lerøy Vest
• Statsarkivet
• Bergen Arkitektskole
• Åsegården

• Bergen Kommune
• Hordaland Fylkeskommune
• Yara Norge
• Helse Vest – HS
• UIB – Universitetet i Bergen
• Compower Eiendom
• Stiftelsen Bymuseet i Bergen
• Aberdeen Eiendomsfond Norge AS
• Hartveit Eiendom
• Kokstadveien Næringseiendom AS
• Spectrum – Amundsen Eiendom
• Norscrap West
• Strandgaten 198
• Sandviken Brygge
• Jægers Brygge Breiviken
• Amalie Skramsvei borettslag
• Austevoll Kraftlag
• Rema 1000 Askøy
• Kjøttbasaren
• Rick`s bygget
• Fantoft Studentby



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