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Properties, buildings and facades

The KTV Group has provided services to homes, buildings and properties since 1992. We provide maintenance service with a focus on cleaning, surface treatment, caretaker services and MOM documentation.

The KTV Group has developed unique maintenance agreements in which we take full responsibility for our customers over time, at predictable prices.

Our BlueTag documentation system allows our customers to monitor project documents from their own website, where all documentation for completed work is available at any time of the day. All the information about each job is archived in one place so there is never any doubt about what was done. No job is done without us filing an in-depth report that includes images and necessary documentation.

This QA system is recognized around the world as a leader in the field. It is based on the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards.

Maintenance agreements

 We offers maintenance agreements that are valid from 5 years to 50

 We take charge of project management for all or part of a building, building complex, indoors and/or outdoors and gardens/green areas

 Our customers get predictability and low prices throughout the duration of the agreement

 We offer an app from which customers can monitor work/changes in real time

 All tasks are documented in reports and photos (film) before and after, which includes MOM documentation

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Facade cleaning

The KTV Group has cleaned more than 4 000 000 m2 of facades since 1992

 We work actively to introduce the most eco-friendly and ecological washing techniques

 Annual maintenance agreements let you be certain buildings and facades are clean

 We offer an app from which customers can monitor work/changes in real time

We are currently in charge of more than 450 000 m2 of facades

 We are the only company in our industry with certifications in ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001

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Janitorial services


 This service involves KTV Group taking care of all daily/weekly routines

 Our BlueTag service has a function that allows us to receive order from tenants/residents through a customer website dedicated to that purpose

 All tasks are documented in reports with photos, videos, historical data – which includes MOM documentation

 We have our own HR manager in charge of hiring and assigning personnel with appropriate expertise to the right jobs

 This service provides our customers with predictability at low costs and the highest level of quality

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Rope access techniques


We provide expertise in rope access technology

 We can provide any kind of service involving rope access technology

 Defining which challenges one will be facing allows us to choose competent personnel

 Advance planning allows for safe and effective execution of assignments

 Our BlueTag quality assurance system allows us to plan assignments using internet/cell phones to provide participants with all the information necessary for the job (text, images and video)

 We have robots that are capable of climbing using magnets

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Surface treatment


 We offer solutions for surface treatment on all types of structures and constructions

 We do prep work, cleaning, grit blasting, chemical cleaning, dry ice cleaning, masonry etc.

 We focus on long-term maintenance agreements

 We performs tasks with eco-friendly rust paste and nanocoating

 Customers can monitor this in real time from our BlueTag system (documentation)

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Nano technology

We work actively to find new methods to use nanotechnology

New solutions ensure greater efficiency, lower costs and higher quality

New solutions that focus on ecology and the environment

Our work has resulted in improvements to living environments and higher profits from sold apartments

 The KTV Group is certified by the world leader in certification, Det Norske Veritas

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Cleaning ventilation systems

 We are the only operator on the market to offer long-term agreements cleaning ventilation systems

 Poor indoor air is not visible to the naked eye, and it is hazardous to your health

 The Norwegian Building Research Institute (Byggforsk) recommends inspecting such systems every 3 years, and cleaning them about every 5 years

 Cleaning is also done with robots

 You will always have access to documentation from your project, before and after we are finished

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Project planning and project management


 Our BlueTag  quality assurance system provides KTV with what may be the best tool on the market for project management, deviations management and quality control

  Documentation from each assignment  is gathered in one place, in a program with «artificial intelligence» that can discover deviations to economic, time and safety factors at an early stage

  Everyone who participates in an assignment is registered for the assignment, and in the event of a deviation the system will always notify the  responsible person/leader

  All the information a customer needs is available on one page; time schedules/records, invoices, deviations, costs, documents, procedures, descriptions etc.

 BlueTag removes many administrative costs and practical tasks, allowing customers greater freedom

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Hazardous waste


 We handle hazardous wastes like oil, grease, sand traps, sewage and tank waste

 We have our own long-term agreements for oil separators, grease separator and sand traps

 Our ISO 14001 certification is proof of our reliability in handling hazardous waste

 Our BlueTag QA system ensures correct documentation from beginning to end, available to our customers in real-time

 The KTV Group has a fleet of ADR approved transport vehicles

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Pipe flushing, cleaning and inspection


 We have the expertise in maintenance of pipes in all dimensions and lengths

 We also offer unique maintenance agreements in which we take all responsibility for pipe maintenance, for as many as 50 years

 We document our assignments using images and videos, progress plans and MOM documentation

 Wastewater pipes and drains need regular flushing and video inspection checks

 The KTV Group is certified in ISO standards 9001 and 14001, and OHSAS 18001

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 We now have robots that can move through several kilometers of pipe and which can climb steel structures carrying weights up to 100kg

 Using robots on long-term agreements inside and outside

 Robots are the future of maintenance

 They can be controlled from far-away locations

 Our customers can monitor these processes in real time from our BlueTag system

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Ecological recovery


 The KTV Group is an expert in all kinds of contamination

  Such as contaminated soils, masses and groundwater

  We have the best technology available, including portable treatment units

  We do cleaning/clearing after oil spills and natural disasters

 Environmental advisory services, taking samples and MOM documenta

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Window cleaning


We offer both traditional cleaning, and advanced cleaning with reverse osmosis and deionized water

 Easy access by extensions up to 15 meters from the ground

 Offers access by lift and specially trained personnel for climbing

 Possibility of maintenance contracts with a duration of 3-5 years.

 Possesses expertise in cleaning windows damaged by concrete or other spills

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Construction cleaning NS-INSTA 800


Keeps buildings clean from dust, water and waste during construction period

Daily documentation of all work performed

Only provider offering fixed rates for constructions in progress and for final cleaning

Long-term maintenance contracts provide predictable project costs.

Offers daily cleaning with robots

 Cleaning after NS-INSTA 800 standard

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