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Record activity for mud-skip cleaning


KTV Group has never had greater activity in cleaning containers with waste from the North Sea, so called mud-skips, than this winter.

– It’s busy, dirty and funny smiles KTV Group CEO Kennet Nilsen. He can not remember the last time KTV Group had so many assignments within this. Only during December and so far in January, the company has cleaned some 2,500 mud-skips, preferably at Eide at Sotra and at Mongstad.

– These assignments came at a time when we had already established new procedures and methods for this type of cleaning. We have started using a new wash plant, and this is the main reason why we are able to handle aprox 60 mud-skips per day at each location.

We clean in a much more efficient manner than previously, says Nilsen. The jobs are performed respectively on Franzefoss and Halliburton. In addition to the mud-skips KTV Group also had responsibility for emptying a large number of ISO tanks. – Tanks containing wastes that we are certified to treat, says Nilsen.

In November KTV Group alerted its customers that we are testing new methods for cleaning mud-skips, to reduce HSE impact of the job would take place without manual flushing. And the goal was to clean 60 mud-skips per day.

– These jobs came after the test period, and we have met the objectives we sat. Our new methods also means savings for customers, because we are even more effective than before, says Nilsen.

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