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We provide the following surface treatment services

The KTV Group has many years of experience offering surface treatments. We are your expert for surface treatment on everything from high-rise buildings to offshore installations.


 Water jetting / high-pressure cleaning


 Vacuum blasting

 Facade rehabilitation

 Dry ice blasting

 Masonry and plastering



 Project management

 Rope access techniques



Wet blasting/sandblasting

Wet blasting developed out of sandblasting, but it has one obvious advantage in that it does not create dust. The method is very effective in removing old surface finishing on masonry and steel.

The KTV Group also uses vacuum blasting methods so we can recover any sand that we use. This makes it theoretically possible to sandblast indoors or in areas where dust or water could cause problems.

We offer:
– Removal of surface treatment on steel/masonry
– Processing substrates before coating
– Removal of mould lubricant on recently poured walls.
– Rust blasting.

Sand washing

This method is a combination of high pressure/water jetting and sandblasting. We use machines at 400-500 bar with special nozzles that make sand injection possible

– Removal of surface treatments
– Removal of mould lubricant
– Processing surfaces for adhesion

Soda/chalk washing

Here we use high-pressure washers at 300-500 bar with special nozzles for injecting soda. This method is used for cleaning special surfaces like mineralite stucco, copper and other surfaces that are sensitive to chemicals, or where sand washing/blasting would be too abrasive.

This method is used especially on older masonry facades where caution must be exercised.

Used to:
– Clean facades.
– Clean sculptures/ornaments


We work closely with the market’s most trusted paint manufacturers, so we can always offer our customers the best solutions.

Our property division has years of experience in the rehabilitation of apartment buildings, facades, townhouses, stairwells etc. In recent years we have completed major works at several housing cooperatives and joint ownership associations in Bergen. We are happy to assist our housing cooperative or joint ownership association customers with advice, and information for their residents.

The KTV Group also offers 10 to 20-year maintenance agreements for exterior facade care.
Read more about this service here.



The KTV Group uses its collaborative partners to offer nano-based impregnation of surfaces like concrete. These products are unique and provide optimal protection against water seepage.

These products also help buildings stay clean over time. Our R&D department tests new products every year to find the best protection for buildings, which can keep them clean for 5 to 10 years.



Unique documentation

The KTV Group puts a lot of time and energy into providing quality assurance services based on unique and adequate documentation.

The customer is automatically sent his own weblink on our website as soon as an order enters our system. This is where the customer can find documentation from our work and services, 24-7. Documentation includes reports, images and videos, checklists, forms and other essential documentation.



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