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Testing new methods for cleaning mud-skips


KTV Group has had a test period to try out new solutions for cleaning mud-skips.

The goals are to reduce the HSE impact of work done without manual flush, easier handling without wheel loader, water reduction, stable production and savings to the customers.

– We have a goal of being able to wash 60 skips per day. We must find new and lasting solutions, says CEO Kennet Nilsen KTV Group.

He regards this as a Research -and development (R & D) for auto flushing system.

– Based on testing we have done so far, we have managed to solve most challenges. Development continues with a focus on external flushing using robots. The basis is the two factors, better quality and lower prices for our customers, says Nilsen.

The final step in the test period will be to reduce the amount of water or use reusable so the total reduction gets towards 80 percent compared with the current volume. KTV Group has worked for 21 years cleaning mud-skips, and sees clearly that the focus on the development helps and do the job better and more efficient.

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