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Cleaning ventilation systems

The KTV Group is the only operator on the market to offer long-term agreements (10 to 20 years) for cleaning ventilation systems. These agreements are designed to keep ventilation ducts and pipes clean. The KTV Group carries out inspections every 3 years and cleans ventilation ducts and pipes whenever needed.

Our maintenance agreements are based on a fixed yearly fee, at no risk to the customer.

We can offer our agreements all over the world, for rigs, ships and land-based installations and buildings.

Most people do not think about heat loss, cooling problems or poor air quality caused by dirty ventilation systems. That is because people only see the outside of ducts and pipes.

All ventilation systems need to be cleaned regularly. Cleaning is a decisive factor of healthy indoor air and for minimizing thermal loss and maximizing cooling. We document the cleaning processes after ducts and pipes are cleaned using video images from inside the ducts and pipes that are archived in our QA system. All this information is available to our customer from their own weblink.

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Fresh air

Cleaning ventilation ducts and pipes is essential to clean fresh air. All ventilation systems should be cleaned once every 6 years. That is because ducts and pipes form excellent environments for the growth of microorganisms like fungus, mold and other bacteria.

Most people are quite surprised to see how dirty their ducts get in 6 years. If the system is left uncleaned for 10-15 years you might want to look at sick leave statistics for you company. Poor air quality in the ventilation system is a likely cause of this problem. Other indicators are high radon figures or fungus spores in the air.


The KTV Group uses a method that results in 100% clean pipes. «Most manufacturers of equipment for cleaning ventilation pipes sell equipment to give the customer a clean conscience. We, on the other hand, develop equipment that not only gives the customer a clean conscience, but 100% clean pipes».


The KTV Group always has customer quality assurance in mind. That is why we use the most effective and modern equipment available on the market, which can document the fact that every meter of pipe has been cleaned.



We also offer maintenance agreements in which we do a quality control check every 3 years, and we clean your system if needed. The control checks and work are documented for our customers in the form of videos and images.

Video of ventilation robot

Take a look at our ventilation robot working on different tasks and equipment.

Byggforsk, the Norwegian Building Research Institute

(Extract from Byggforsk)
Studies have shown that contaminated ventilation systems are a hygienic risk [821] that reduce air quality [822, 823] even for small quantities of air [824]. The accumulation of dirt on components such as blowers, heating/cooling coils and heat recovery units can reduce energy efficiency. Dirty ducts can increase the risk of fire and the spread of fire. It is a documented fact that cleaning ducts and unit components can improve user experience of indoor climates and reduce illness/symptoms due to a poor indoor climate [825]. A ventilation system can often have about as much surfaces area as 10% of the floor space in a building and amount to a large hidden and often forgotten surface. The system is designed to send a sufficient amount of clean air to buildings and remove contaminated air. Ducts and components in a ventilation system get dirty and contaminated during use and require frequent checks and maintenance.
Click here to read more about ventilation issues published by Byggforsk (PDF document)

Unique documentation
Quality Control and Documentation Management in the BlueTag QA system.

The KTV Group puts a lot of time and energy into providing quality assurance services based on unique and adequate documentation.


The customer is automatically sent his own weblink on our website as soon as an order enters our system. This is where the customer can find documentation from our work and services, 24-7. Documentation includes reports, images and videos, checklists, forms and other essential documentation.


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