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Cleaned water tanks on Polarsyssel


KTV Group recently concluded a three-day mission with the cleaning of water tanks on offshore vessel Polarsyssel.

KTV Group was responsible for cleaning and issuance of certificate «Potable Water Certificate». The mission involving ten water tanks, and the work went according to the agreed schedule.

– We have incorporated practices and procedures for work like this. We use high pressure with 250-500 bar hot water in combination with suitable cleaners for drinking water tanks, said KTV Group CEO Kenneth Nilsen. He participated in the operation.

Supply of fresh air is required for everyone working in these kind of tanks.

– The assignment also meant that we delivered waste to approved landfill. After cleaning KTV Group issued cleaning certificates for the water tanks, says Nilsen. Vacuum trucks was used for the removal of the waste.

KTV Group is an ISO-certified service partner, certified on ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001 from The Norwegian Veritas. In connection with this form of assignment taken water samples sent for analysis at the laboratory.