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Sandblasting Hanøytangen/Bergen


KTV Group was commissioned blasting and surface treatment on Hanøytangen for Volvo Construction Equipment.

The job is all about blasting and surface treatment of many machine parts associated with heavy duty trucks and bodywork. The mission is in progress and will be completed this week.

We think it’s good to be active in the industrial area of this type of activity, and it all reminds us a bit about when oil was at peak in 2012/13.

On the occasion of this mission, we made a movie that shows how our personnel working with sandblasting. The film can be seen at the top of this article, or by clicking here!

Drone for facade cleaning

KTV Group has started to develop a purpose-built drone to be used for washing of facades.

From before the company has already developed robots that climb on the steel, and which sinks to 2000 bar pressure.Now they started with a drone to be used for washing of facades and roofs, the tall buildings and high-rises.

This is an exciting project with many challenges, but we have never been afraid to be early says CEO KTV Group, Kennet Nilsen.The company currently delivers services on maintenance of real estate, industrial and offshore. It was after oil slump company saw opportunities and shifted development focus of the property.

We see that the development of drones caught a tremendous pace, and even now, the equipment and technology that is already on the market, enabling this idea.

The result will be cheaper prices for customers, and to solve tasks without the use of scaffolding, platforms or façade climbers. Thus, the solution is also very HSE friendly says Nilsen.

The goal is to have a prototype of the drone ready during 2016.

Wins contract in South Korea

KTV Group has during switching from the declining market in oil and gas in Norway, found new markets in South Korea. Efforts against South Korea began in 2015 and now is the first contract in place.

This time the HVAC cleaning on Statoil’s Mariner platform to perform. The platform is currently under construction in South Korea.

We see that South Korea wants to use suppliers with an understanding of quality standard NS-INSTA 800 and knowledge surrounding the CDB-cleaning. It is here KTV Group has entered the field as an attractive supplier, says Kennet Nilsen, Managing Director of KTV Group.

Since 1992, we have been providing cleaning services under a variety of projects in both the maintenance, classification and new buildings, but we experienced as most other market virtually disappeared in Norway in 2014/15, says Nilsen. He is happy to get started in a market that is bigger than what we had in Norway, and is supportive of further development in the South Korean market.