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Sandblasting in Bergen

We have again started with the assignment of paint removal for Arthur J Thorsen. The job is performed by sandblasting and is expected to be completed next week.

We have noted greater demand for blasting and sandblasting is increasingly becoming an earlier used to remove paint. Using this method you also remove the bad plaster and detects minor injuries in masonry. The job is performed in Bergen.


This week we have a larger tank cleaning on the ship MS Nordnes. The job is cleaning the tank / areas with heavy fuel oil (HFO).

The mission is very demanding with high lift heights and confined spaces. Such jobs are the most extreme jobs within tank cleaning, and set high standards for personnel and security. Still robots or other solutions solve such complicated tank washings, even though we think this may come in the future.

The mission is expected and take several weeks but will be divided up according to the ship’s plan for missions. We are working on two shifts around the clock. Estimated time for cleaning is a total of about 2 weeks.