Drone success on maintenance

With the use of drones, KTV Group carries out maintenance in condominiums and housing associations much faster, and customers achieve significantly lower prices.

– Right now we have eight high-rise blocks that are being cleaned. With traditional facade cleaning and facade climbers, such assignments take about ten weeks. When using a drone it takes approx one week, says founder of KTV Group Kennet Nilsen. KTV Group has operated in maintenance for 30 years, and has always been interested with innovation.

50 meters height
The drone used today is approximately one meter in diameter and can handle heights up to 50 meters. With a drone, the detergent SelfCleaner is foamed on the surfaces, and then nature takes care of the rest of the cleaning by removing greenery and plaque and algae growth.

KTV Group is among the largest in the country for facade washing, and in recent years has had a strong focus on developing a drone that can apply SelfCleaner to buildings. The result has been a very effective and not least much more gentle method than traditional high-pressure washing. The method also gives longer life to the surfaces.

Scared residents
– The last six years we have compared drones and high pressure flushing. The end result is at least as good with a drone, and at the same time the facades avoid wear and tear with high-pressure flushing, says Nilsen. He has also made some humorous experiences when the drones are at work.

– In the beginning we had a huge drone of two meters in diameter, and it scared the minds of many residents when they discovered the giant drone hanging outside the window. Fortunately, the development has made the size of the drones significantly smaller, but at the same time they are also more powerful, he says.

Started in 2015
KTV Group is the only company in maintenance of condominiums and housing associations that specializes in drone cleaning in Norway.

– When we started the concept with SelfCleaner in 2015, there was of course a lot of trial and error. We buy the drone itself externally, while the innovative solutions, the expanded functions and the special adaptations we have both developed and installed at our own expense. The drone together with SelfCleaner was taken into use in 2020, Nilsen says. Now he is considering offering the concept to competitors in the industry from 2022.

– The backlog in maintenance of Norwegian building stock is formidable, and we are happy to share both invention and expertise with other suppliers of maintenance services, says Nilsen, and adds:
– There is also a huge market internationally. We have received several inquiries from home and abroad, but are taking this step by step.