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Happy New Year

KTV Group has many exciting projects underway in 2017, such as our drone project for cleaning facades. We expect to further develop our services with drones in the photographic inspection, measurement, monitoring / control and more.

Some drones we’re looking at now, including the ability to move objects, cutting wires etc.

For several of our new long-term maintenance contracts, daily housekeeping is part of the job we do, as well as mat rental. The focus is on new opportunities with robots that can keep buildings clean, without the use of personnel. We know that this is the future and has great focus on further development of concepts that provide better quality and lower price.

Within ceiling treatment, where we today reappear, we began to look at the possibility of offering a contract maintenance where we switch to sheets which recovers solar energy. We believe this technology will occur within 2-5 years, and will be ready to provide this service when the time is right.

KTV Group is also behind the development of the ERP system BlueTag, where real-time data used for all functions in the company. Here we have come a long way, and during 2017, it is clear a new payment solution in the accounting module as simple as can be compared with Vips for businesses. The project is implemented together with the Nets. The idea is that this BlueTag used to control robots in the field, as well as control of quality and documentation.

In other words, there is much exciting happening, and we look forward to an exciting year.

We wish everyone a happy New Year!

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