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New 20-year maintenance agreement

Kyrresborg in Sandviken has signed 20-year maintenance agreement Total with KTV Group. The agreement includes concierge services, daily cleaning, winter maintenance, green area, surface, facade washing, documentation system BlueTag and ventilation cleaning.

This agreement is an extension of an existing contract, and runs until the year 2033. The agreement is one of the largest contracts in the property, and is in line with our focus within the total contracts for cooperatives and condominiums. The agreements are very beneficial and saves board and residents too much work.

Agreements of this type is ensured through the system BlueTag where KTV Group also stands behind the development. BlueTag is considered the best documentation system on the market today, and Kyrresborg uses the system, which is included in the agreement. Everything is documented in real time.

We are experiencing a large increase in interest in our long-term maintenance agreements, and we expect to draw more new agreements with customers in 2017.

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