Polyurea surface treatment


Vortex products have been specially developed to withstand extreme stresses for most industrial applications. It has been tested in very harsh environments and environments and can withstand exposure to, among other things, chemicals and petroleum products.

Vortex is a unique material that can be applied to all types of hard surfaces, and forms an extremely durable and protective surface. Vortex is a two-component (Polyurethane / Polyurea) material that hardens after a very short time, and you can use it the same day it is applied. Using a specially developed low-pressure air circulation system, the fabric is sprayed on, ranging from 2-3 millimeters all the way up to a thickness of 25 cm. In addition to being corrosion and rust protective, it has good insulating ability with regard to noise and heat. Vortex products do not contain chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) or ozone-depleting organic solvents (VOCs).

Vortex can be used in many areas, such as:

Transport and loading platforms
Vortex has for many years been used in the automotive industry for vans, pickups and trailers. Shipping of goods / equipment will, from experience, lead to heavy wear on floors and side walls. Vortex treatment largely ensures the surfaces during the car’s lifetime as it is extremely durable.

Pipes and pipelines
Vortex coatings are increasingly used to protect, among other things, steel pipes against corrosion and rust. This can result in huge savings in maintenance costs. You will achieve a significantly extended service life compared to paint products and other similar coatings. Vortex can also provide significantly better protection if pipes insulated with polyurethane foam are applied and it forms a waterproof surface. Vortex is also very useful for water and sewer pipes because buried pipes can be damaged by soil and stones. You will definitely avoid this with a Vortex coating.

Containers and transport equipment
Vortex can with great advantage be placed on containers and all types of transport packaging. Transport equipment in general is not only exposed to corrosion, rust damage and ulceration in the goods, but also mechanical impact in the form of blows and shocks. If you apply a layer of Vortex, you avoid continuous repair costs, and in addition you achieve a longer service life of the equipment.

Vortex is excellent for protecting steel tanks against rust and corrosion, and all types of tanks for protection against chemicals, whether for petroleum products or other types of chemicals. In some cases, tests will be required. The life of the tanks will be significantly extended, and you can use the tanks again shortly after the Vortex is applied. In many cases, it will also be important here that Vortex has good heat insulating abilities. Vortex can be applied whether the tanks are new or after long-term use.

Marine areas
Due to the fact that Vortex is a waterproof material and that it does not corrode in seawater environments, the areas of use are large here as well. Above the waterline, Vortex is very effective in protecting steel, metals, fiberglass, etc. It can be used on ladders, walkways, steel structures, inside and outside of boats, foundations and more. You get a more non-slip surface and the coating is vibration-damping.

Roofing / coating
Vortex provides effective protection for roofs that are, for example, covered with polyurethane foam or on steel plates. Due to the fabric’s insulating ability, it reduces energy costs. The elastic properties of the fabric make it well suited to absorb the expansion or contraction of the substrate due to temperature fluctuations.

Floor covering garage, warehouse, workshop floor and more
There are many good reasons to use Vortex as a floor covering. Firstly, it protects against falling objects and tools on surfaces that are prone to damage and which will eventually lead to extensive repairs. You can avoid this with the Vortex coating. In addition, you get a surface that is waterproof, stops moisture and is both heat and sound insulating.

The coating can withstand a lot of wear and tear and apart from regular cleaning, it is completely maintenance-free.

Should a hole or other damage to the coating occur for extreme reasons, it is easy to repair it with Vortex because it binds to the existing coating so that it is as tight as before.

The coating can also be delivered with UV protection in areas that are exposed to sunlight.

Vortex products thus have a wide range of properties depending on your needs for protection of your fixed assets and assets.

Some of these are:

  • Forms a permanent and extremely durable surface with a long service life
  • Maintenance free
  • Provides very good mechanical protection against blows and shocks from heavy and sharp objects
  • It is corrosion and rust protective and prevents oxidation, even in marine environments
  • It forms a waterproof surface and prevents the penetration of moisture
  • Withstands very large temperature fluctuations, up to 150 degrees and down to minus 25 (used, among other things, in freezers with daily requirements for cleaning)
  • Can be applied to all types of hard surfaces and has good bonding ability on steel, metals, wood, aluminum, fiberglass and concrete
  • It is resistant and can withstand being exposed to most chemical substances and compounds, including petroleum products. In some cases, however, tests must be performed prior to application
  • Also available with UV protection to prevent discoloration, fading or deterioration due to sunlight
  • Shortly after application, the Vortex ™ has hardened and you can walk on it. For safety reasons, it should not be exposed to too much moisture until a little longer
  • It does not crack, crack or settle after curing, nor is it affected by being exposed to vibration
  • It is waterproof and is also used as a moisture barrier
  • Available in up to 200 color variants
    Can be supplied with varying degrees of anti-slip agent
  • Vortex ™ contains no ozone-depleting organic solvents (VOCs) nor chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs)

Granitex is a combination of extremely durable Polyurea and UV- and chemically resistant Urethane (Aliphatic). This product gives you a very durable surface. The coating can be laid in different colors, and you can lay down your logo, or decorate it as you wish. It is available in 15 different Granite spreading variants which in turn can be mixed to custom.

Granitex is not just one floor product, but has unprecedented uses.

1. Granitex Standard. Solid color floors, 200 color choices. Suitable for concrete, wood, steel and composite materials plus lots of other things.

2. Granitex Granite single membrane. Several different pattern types, suitable for floors where the combination of design and strength plays a role. Same uses as otherwise.

Granitex Granite double membrane. Same as simple but it is laid in two different curing processes down Granittstrø.

Granitex Ultimate. These are coatings that seal 100 percent, have good insulation properties, have a strong combination of Vortex and Granitex Granite together. Applications are typically places where there is heavy load and cold / hot forces in the substrate.

The picture below shows 4 different types of Granitex Granittstrø with inlaid logo.

General information about Polyurea:
Polyurea compounds and raw materials

A typical Polyurea product consists of a number of chemical compounds involved and consists of two main components. Part A is generally called polyurethane and here the many possible color variants are mixed in. Part B is the activator itself (the catalyst). It is often colored or pigmented.

When these two liquids are mixed well, it results in an immediate chemical reaction and the substance becomes 100% solid. This reaction happens very quickly, and it usually dries within a few seconds, and you can immediately go for it. The final curing time is usually up to 12-24 hours, but it can go faster, or later, depending on how the chemical composition is made.

The use of various mixtures, reaction promoters and other additives can have a significant impact on the physical properties of the Polyurea coating.

Technical aspects of Polyurea compounds
Polyurea is often described as taking the best properties from many different polymer technologies. This is a good description since Polyurea has an improved chemical resistance, and better withstands higher temperatures compared to, for example, polyurethane. They also have higher resistance to mechanical impact compared to epoxy, as well as much higher tensile strength.

A polyurea is formed when amines react (harden) with isocyanates. This reaction is rapid, auto-catalytic (meaning it does not need an extra catalyst to react – even at low temperatures), and it leads to many of the special properties that make Polyurea different from other types of polymers.

There are three main features:
The reactivity of the polyurea is completely independent of the atmospheric temperature. Polyurea reacts quickly – and it will react at the same rate regardless of temperature. It can be up to 40 ° C and as low as -5 ° C and the reactivity is largely the same.

Polyurethane can also be catalyzed to react very quickly, but what has then been designed for 40 ° C will take an eternity to cure at -30 ° C. A polyurethane «design» that is made to cure quickly and correctly at -30 ° C will happen too fast for it to be used at a temperature of 40 C. Epoxy, for example, can not cure at such low temperatures.

2. The reactivity of Polyurea is independent of atmospheric humidity. It can be 98% relative humidity, and the Polyurea coating that is sprayed on will be free of bubbles. (what one should be aware of, however, is the dew point – it will be a completely different matter).

Polyurethane must therefore have a catalyst to complete the reaction. These catalysts are either designed to catalyze the polymeric reaction or the «inflation» reaction (many types of polyurethane use water to react with the isocyanates so that released CO2 is used as the inflation medium in polyurethane foam). Unfortunately, neither catalyst will help catalyze BOTH reactions.

3. Polyurea develops its properties very quickly. This means that with Polyurea you can quickly apply the surface, for example you can drive on the tire after 12 hours. With polyurethane, it can take up to 14 days before it has fully developed its properties. Epoxy materials will also require many days before it cures.

As mentioned in the introduction, Polyurea has an improved chemical and dissolution resistance, and withstands better higher temperatures compared to polyurethane. It also has a higher resistance to mechanical impact compared to epoxy.

All of these features can be enhanced and selected, depending on the need.
The final choice of substances, and the amount of raw materials will have an impact on the result – both in terms of the spraying process, and the physical properties of the end product.

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