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Greets the Norwegian oil and energy Minister


KTV Group CEO Kenneth Nilsen greets Oil and Energy Minister Tord Lien prompting the oil industry to rectify the enormous body of documentation required and which have contributed to increased costs.

In May this year Nilsen authored an article on Sysla.no where he wrote that the company uses much unnecessary time on documentation.

– It’s nice that oil minister grabs this. Documentation is important, but we feel that it ends with forms, rhetoric with endless words of jargon, says Nilsen. He says that documentation is one of the pillars of the business and essential for customers.

KTV Group has all major ISO certifications.

– The certifications are there to make a difference, and make it clear that we have things in order and delivering quality. All too often we become victims of documentation requirements are relatively easy to describe, in the form of photographs and film. Nevertheless it has become a terminology exercise, he says.

It was at an oil conference in Stavanger on Wednesday that Lien advocated streamlining.

– The authorities will now help to make it easier, and the oil industry will hopefully also contribute. Then we will have more affordable services, says Nilsen.

Bilde: OED / Scanpix.