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New 20-years maintenance agreement

This time it Bjerkelien Borettslag signet long-term agreement on maintenance of exterior facades, with washing and painting. KTV Group will also shift some of the cladding housings this year, in addition to performing painting and washing of facades.

Like many others who have maintenance agreements and considering our long-term contracts, see housing cooperatives the major economic benefits of such agreements. In addition, the KTV Group behind the development of arguably one of Europe’s best systems for documentation, BlueTag, ensuring storage of reports, documents, images and FDV Documentation throughout the contract period. Everything is available on the web for our customers. This makes it easy for us and is a great benefit and safety for the boards of housing cooperatives.

We look forward to the start, and we are very pleased that KTV Group will keep the buildings in Bjerkelien Borettslag clean, neat and maintained the next 20 years – until 2036 and hopefully even longer.

Wins another 20-years maintenance agreement

This time it’s Sameiet Sjøfronten Os signet the 20-year maintenance contract on 4 blocks with a total of 86 apartments. The condominium is located in the municipality of Os next to Oseana, and is a very attractive area.

CEO Kennet Nilsen KTV Group, does not deny that he is very pleased with this agreement. The agreement assumes KTV Group maintenance on exterior facades, green areas, daily cleaning, winter maintenance and janitorial services. The contract covers work until 2036.

We believe we win this kind of contracts on the basis of many years focused on the development of new technology. Today we have methods for cleaning facades and coatings with nano coating which our competitors are far away. We think smarter and environmentally friendly. In this way we have created what’s called maintenance agreements, where buildings are not due until next renovation.

The agreements are also very affordable, providing predictability and security in terms of costs over the next 20 years.

KTV Group uses real-time documentation system BlueTag, where customers can follow all the work to be performed via a dedicated website. This type of documentation is unique and very important, not to mention a sense of security for both parties said Kennet Nilsen.

Maintenance agreement with Gasnor


KTV Group has been commissioned to do maintenance on nine tankfarms for Gassnor in Hordaland.

The maintenance agreement extends until 2019. KTV Group shall ensure that the tank farms receives maintenance and appear good on all the various locations in Hordaland. Work starts in the spring. Gassnor has facilities at Midtun, Mannsverk, Hordvikneset and Grønneviken Bergen and CCB base Ågotnes and Skaganeset on Halhjem Os.

– We have extensive experience and have established procedures for such assignments. Already this year, all tank farms with associated containers and outdoor areas will be maintained and washed. The next few years we will follow up every tank farm in terms of maintenance, says managing director Kenneth Nilsen KTV Group.

In some cases, cleaning also involve vacuum suction trucks.

– It is important that tank farms is maintained and appear as well-kept. The customer will have the opportunity to follow the work we do in real time through a separate application. This also includes checklists and documentation including job reports, pictures and films, says Nilsen.

As always KTV Group do such assignments with environmentally friendly chemicals.

– We have for many years exclusively used organic products for such maintenance. It will ensure better quality and are our footprints in such projects, says Nilsen.