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Ventilation job on 49 properties

This week we have completed cleaning of ventilation channels on 49 units in townhouses in Myra Cooper outside Oslo. Importance of cleaning ventilation systems in relation to fire hazards and healthy environment is essential for good maintenance.

In this apartments building has KTV Group a 20-year maintenance contract where we cleanse all year 1, inspects thereafter every three years and perform the necessary. All pipes documented by video after cleansing, and is available to customers on its website.

We also bought a new and special ventilation cleaning machine from the United States, for the ventilation in houses with small tubes. With this innovation we work even more effectively, and normally the finish in an apartment at a little over 1 hour.

For 2016 the total purified 2200m vent line, with varying missions on everything from apartments to offshore ships to oil rigs.

We perform all methods of ventilation cleaners, including dry ice.

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