Drone for facade and window cleaning​

KTV Group

KTV Group provides maintenance services to the industrial, offshore and property sectors.

The focus is on cleaning, surface treatment, and various maintenance tasks. We have specialized expertise in tank cleaning, facade cleaning and surface treatment.

KTV Group
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KTV Group was founded in Norway in 1992 by Kennet Nilsen. KTV Group have more than 30 years experience with facade and window cleaning and we are experts in our field.

From the start KTV Group developed fast and became a service partner offering services for the offshore- and land based industry and property/real estate owners, focusing on professional cleaning and surface treatment.

When KTV Group started KTV Working Drone in 2022 we became the first company in the world to properly commercialise the use of drones in a variety of industries.

Several years have been spent developing equipment, systems and procedures to better be able to service customers in countries all over the world with a unified safer approach.

R & D has always been a central part of KTV Group, and the R & D work will continue together with our partners. 

All partners get the opportunity to participate in the continued development of KTV Group and the future opportunities this brings.

Franchise opportunities available

Regardless if you’re a cleaning company or just an entrepreneur looking at a new business venture, we are seeking partners to grow our franchise network.

Become involved in the most innovative business idea that the cleaning industry has seen in more than 100 years.

Developer of KTV Working Drone

KTV Group first started to use drones commercially in Norway for a new and more innovative way to provide a service for cleaning of windows and facades at heights.

In early 2022  KTV Working Drone was founded where it was launched first in Norway and later internationally. With unprecedented interest from around the globe  KTV Working Drone has quickly been able to establish a footprint in over 40 countries already with more joining every month.

Development of the KTV Working Drone originated way back in 2015, where many changes were needed to make the drone commercial. KTV Working Drone R&D department has developed and continues to evolve a unique drone with tailor-made and uniquely adapted mounting equipment for us with specially designed cleaning equipment.

The drone has been extensively tested and commercialised for use with window and facade cleaning and has been used operationally since 2020 by KTV Group in Norway.

Why KTV Working Drone?

Advantages of glass and facade cleaning with KTV Working Drone

Important key facts

1000-1500 sqm/hour
Capacity facade cleaning

300-500 sqm/hour
Capacity window cleaning

Height 150 meter +
When the drone is fully operational

Flytime 24 hour
With battery case with 8 batteries. Unlimited with Power Station connected.

7 m/sec
Works in maximum winds of 7 m/s. Up to 15 m/s without equipment

Up to 200 bar pressure
Capacity water pressure

AirSense ADS-B
Advanced flight / collision warning system

Self-heating battery
Provides efficient battery use

-20°C to 50°C
Working temperature range

IP 45
Protected against low pressure water jets

Long term maintenance agreements

For almost 30 years, we have been a predictable maintenance supplier to housing associations, condominiums, business parks and property managers.

During the agreement period, KTV Group takes responsibility for maintenance so that the properties always appear as maintained.

KTV Group is the only company in Norway that offers such long-term agreements with a duration of up to 20 years.

The first 20-year maintenance agreement was signed in 2012 and was with Yara Norway. Throughout the agreement period, we take responsibility for maintenance, so that the building mass always appears in the best possible way.

KTV Group always has a strong focus on delivering quality services with unique and good documentation. That is why we use the market’s best quality and documentation management system BlueTag.

KTV Group’s quality and environmental management system is certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

Bluetag screen


BlueTag is a state of the art business system incorporating all aspects managing the business operations, safety procedures and risk analysis that are required by all civil aviation authorities and forms part of the procedures in the operation manuals that all drone pilots must adhere to. This is a mandatory requirement to conduct this type of drone operation under our specified license to operate.

Only approved and accredited partners through our partnership model will be able to provide this service and be given access to all the tools required to operate.. KTV Group developed the Blue Tag system over the past 15 years and proven reliability with 99.9% uptime and forms part of the inclusions of the partnership model.

The Bluetag system has been further developed to scale operation worldwide and has been tailored for this type of business and drone operations, With our own in-house development team and project managers our continued support and development is guaranteed to assure continued operations and improvements. The Bluetag System is unique in the sense it was developed as a tool to address shortcomings in service business’s that need to have better control of individual jobs, costs, scheduling and accounting. The Bluetag system also complies and is certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

Want to take the next step now?

Get involved and become a KTV Group franchise partner

We are seeking interest for franchise partners in Norway. Every day we receive enquiries from all over Norway, and in the future we want to be able to provide the services required in all areas.

Once a commercial franchise agreement has been agreed upon we provide the following :

  • Area ownership
  • Training
  • Bluetag business system
  • Ongoing support for technical, projects, sales + +
  • Franchisee support​
  • National/worldwide brand protection
  • Web page and social media
  • Access to equipment and KTV Working Drone
  • Opportunity to offer and sell long term maintenance agreements

The Costs

If you’d like to find out more and get involved regardless if you are looking to be a partner or would like to explore opportunities how this can work for you, read further down and click the link/button on the bottom of the page.

Our aim is to work with our partners to expand KTV Group services to other parts of the country. With this approach, both the KTV brand and our business partners will continue to grow in the market as a service leader.

With over 30 years of experience we have established a very solid foundation in the industry. Through years and years of testing and development we have gained a deep and extended understanding of the requirements of the services we offer to allow us to fully support our business partners growth.